Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Ministry House to Reach Inner City Kids

Remember when you were young and you had a bad day? You couldn’t wait to get home and the safe confines of the four walls that surrounded you! That’s a feeling that we should all have, but Joe Eriquez of Heart for the City knows a lot of kids that never get to experience that feeling. That’s why he diligently sought a house that he could make safe for the youth in the Inner City of Glendale, Arizona. That’s why he now diligently seeks YOUR help in making that house all that it can be.

“We have a vision,” Joe explained, “where this house will not only be a center for socializing, but, and more importantly, a place where learning can take place. Our greatest need in this realm is computers. With an extensive computer lab we can help kids with their homework, and help them go online and search for Grants so they can realize their dream of getting a higher education. We can give them an opportunity to learn, and improve, their computer skills – - a marketable skill that is quickly becoming a requirement when seeking gainful employment.”

What he needs the most, however, is volunteers. People who will dedicate themselves to being trained to minister to young people and train them – - to be part of the 21st Century, to improve family life for their children, and to become part of the Kingdom of God! Don’t delay - -don’t even hesitate, contact Heart for the City to see how you can help make this truly a Ministry House!

Support us and Help the AZ Poor Families.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fund A Life

What would you do to ensure that your children had a future - - that they had a hope? I'm sure your answer is "ANYTHING!" But what if there wasn't anything you could do - - because you didn't have a hope or a future either? That's the dilemma facing many parents and children in inner city Glendale. You see, in 85301 often the only future, the only hope, that the children have has to come from outside their community. It has to come from people who care - - it has to come from YOU!!

Joe Eriquez and HEART FOR THE CITY want you to think long and hard about that - - then they want you to do something about it! They want you, because you do care, to make a difference in the life of a child - - to give that child hope - - to give them a future. To accomplish this they want you to take a major step - - they want you to become a monthly partner and Fund a Life.

Fund a Life - - the thought is almost daunting, but what a rewarding role you will be playing in a child's life! With your monthly donation you will be able to sponsor their after school sports program; to send them to camp; to be part of the Holiday Help for Hungry Homes Program, and to provide a place, the Ministry House, where they can go to study and become adept on the computer while learning how to excel in school. You can do all this - - but you have to want to. You need to know that the greatest thing you can do in this world is to provide a child hope - - to provide them a future. You, regardless of your gender, need to be a Father to the Fatherless! You need to remember some of the greatest words Jesus every spoke to us, "As you do unto the least of these, so do you unto me."

Don't hesitate, not even for a moment. Right now, this very minute, you need to respond to this need. You need to provide a child hope - - you need to provide them a future. To do so will help to ensure that you will hear the Master say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!".